• Sketch Sessions
  • Day-long Workshops
  • Registration essential and early booking advised! 
Drawing by Lee Donnelly

Life Drawing

Sketch Sessions

  • Life Drawing Sketch Sessions are untutored however peer discussion and review is encouraged.

  • Participants may bring their own paper, materials, boards etc. Suggested medium would be: pencil, charcoal, chalk, inks, watercolour, etc... However basic paper & materials are provided.

  • Please bring your own sketchbooks, boards or easel if you have one. Teas and coffee provided.

  • Starting the session with a series of 1-2 minute poses gradually increasing up to a maximum of 20 minutes. Each session will be a total of two hours. 

  • A beginner to life drawing? Don't be daunted... Speaking as an experienced and 'seasoned' life model - we've all started somewhere! 

  • Fully RAM registered #4789 (Register of Artists' Models)

  • Registration and booking is essential! You can choose to pay for one session or several. Each two hour session is £10 and must be paid for in advance to secure your booking.  

  • No registration - no admission. I cannot accept 'pay at the door' entry. Please register your details in advance. Thank you kindly. 

  • Basic rules: You must be 18 years or over. No photography during any sessions or workshops. No physical contact with the model during poses. Respectful behaviour is required at all times.

  • Email: shetlandlifedrawing.com or use the form in the "Contact" tab to register, to book a place or for further information. 

We are an independant life drawing group. Welcoming creative people from absolute beginners to the experienced seasoned artist. Ideal for students and professional artists wanting to keep good hand to eye co-ordination skills while developing art in any chosen field.


"Jay has been a model at Shetland College for the last two years. She has proved to be a versatile understanding model who can follow instructions but also work off her own initiative and lead a class by setting the poses. She can keep long poses as well as be imaginative with short poses by creating movement for example a slowly unfolding body.  

 She is a gentle personality with an affinity to creative people as I first met her 20 years ago when she was an art student. She went on to study art herself so understands the needs and demands of creative people. I would highly recommend her as life model." 

Paul Bloomer

"Jay creates an excellent atmosphere in the room.  All participants are informed clearly about the length of poses, and she has a good understanding of what variety should be used, what the class needs and what poses will work best for the length of time.  During sessions Jay is confident and relaxed, with good command of the room and clear communication.  As a freelancer, Jay has been great to work with, showing lots of enthusiasm for the classes and excellent knowledge of life modelling." Cara McDiarmid